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Have you ever wondered what makes one student's oral presentation stand out from another? Do you know what Lecturers expect from an oral presentation? Do you feel that you lack the necessary skills required to achieve your best results in this from of assessment? Do you think you have not had enough experience giving oral presentations at high school level? Are you a mature aged student who hasn't spoken in public since leaving school?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will find this website extremely useful. This website can be used by you as a guide to help you to prepare effective oral presentations. It offers a brief description of what is expected of students who undertake presentations at tertiary level and it can be used as a resource to help you develop these important skills. By closely following the advice presented in this site you will be able to enhance your confidence levels and performance skills with regard to your oral presentations.

Often Lecturers do not have the opportunity in class to devote time to teaching you how to develop your oral presentation skills. As tertiary students you are expected to independently acquire this knowledge. This guide will help you along the way.

The primary aim of this guide is to provide students with an easily accessible, practical,and directly relevant resource to enhance your performance in oral assessments across all subject areas.



Standing out from the Crowd

What makes this photograph of a Canadian maple tree so spectacular?

  • there are a variety of colours which are creative, dynamic, and therefore, interesting;
  • there are various tones, shades, and depths of colours;
  • the tree dominates the figures in the foreground, overshadowing them and drawing your eye to it; and
  • the tree is unique because it has distinguished itself from the surrounding trees.

This website will help you to develop skills to help you to approach your oral presentations in a creative, professional, and intelligent manner, so that you can stand up and be heard when giving oral presentations.

The Importance of Oral Presentations

There is a considerable amount of research which confirms that presentation skills are essential skills that need to be explicitly taught at tertiary level. Murphy (2001) identifies communication skills as a key skill in higher education. It is important that Universities equip students with the necessary skills to be able to deliver effective oral presentations because these are essential in most work places. Often such skills are the key to promotion. Morley (2006) points out that oral presentation skills are essential for employability and true academic study as they lead students to enter into debate and sustained reasoning. Oral presentations are increasingly defined as important outcomes in many courses throughout ACU and worldwide. Oral presentation tasks enable students to participate fully in their learning, demonstrate their ability to their lecturer, and help them develop competencies in a vital area of their future working lives.


Learning Tool for Oral Presentations

fred Fred will help to introduce you to the main skills required to prepare a good oral presentation. Click on his body parts to learn about best practice in terms of your physical presentation and your scholarly preparation.


Links This page features a range of University website which discuss Oral Presentation techniques.

Sample Photos Thank you to the students who posed for these photos which demonstrate both good and bad oral presentation techniques.



ACU Academic Skills Unit The Academic Skills Unit at ACU is able to offer support for students who are preparing oral presentations. The staff in this area have useful resources available to students on the myACU website.



Accessibility If you are an ACU student or staff member and you require a print copy of any of the information presented on this website, please contact Delyse Ryan.


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