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Theatre Directors and Theorists

This section covers a range of prominent theatre practitioners and theorists. They have been included here because their work has been tremendously influential on contemporary theatre styles. There have been many individuals whose own performance work has inspired others to push the boundaries of performance.

This list offers a selection of practitioners whose work in directing and lighting design, as well as in voice and movement studies have helped shape today's theatre. It also provides some insights into the performance theories that these practitioners were creating. The theoretical perspectives that are identified here may help students when they are creating their own performance pieces.

2 Styles of Performance

This section offers a brief overview of some of the different performance styles and techniques that are commonly used in the theatre.

Often productions make use of a variety of performance strategies and elements of each of the styles that are discussed may end up being useful in your own performance work.


3 Fundamentals of Drama

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The site features:

Defining Stage Space, Form and Style in Drama, Stage Design, Theatrical Terms, Critiquing Theatrical Performance, Performance Preparation, Make-up, Lighting Design


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