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Welcome to the Quiz directory

We have two types of tests. They are:

1. A series of 10 or so questions in a particular area. On the right hand side there are a list of hyperlinks that may help you to answer the question.For example, if you have a question on 'Dickens' there will be a link to the Dickens page. This link will open another web page so your place in the quiz will not be lost.

2. Some of the quizzes ask to to drag and drop items on the screen. To drag an item simply hold the cursor over it and drag the mouse while holding the left mouse button down. When you match the items (for example, author and her poem) a popup box will alert you. These are suited to an 800x600 screen resolution.

If you are having trouble, position your mouse over the words 'Give Up?' at the bottom of the screen. The boxes will then automatically move to their correct positions.

It is possible Netscape users with earlier versions of the browser will experience difficulty with these drag and drop quizzes.



Simon and Delyse Ryan ACU National