Everyone who studies literature and drama needs to have at least an elementary idea of the historical background to the author's life or to the setting of the work itself. Also, to follow the ideas a work may present, it is necessary to undertand the history of ideas. These brief historical background notes are a starting point for this exploration.
"Theory" sounds intimidating, but when you comment on a book or a play you are using some kind of theory whether you know it or not. This section covers what some theorists think you do (or should do) when you analyse a work of literature. Their theories stretch beyond conventional "literature" to question the nature of text.

In this section we test some of the knowledge you have gained using this site. There are two types of quizzes -- drag and drop and Flash quiz.

Drag and drop requires you to drag the correct information to its matching counterpart. The Flash quizzes are a mixture of multichoice and other formats.


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