You have entered the site of Dr. Tracey Sanders, Senior Lecturer in Drama in the School of Arts and Sciences and Academic Co-oridinator of the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business programs at McAuley at Banyo, ACU National in Queensland.

This web site is designed as a teaching and learning supplement to the lectures and tutorials you participate in on campus. It is not meant to replace these face to face learning experiences.

This site offers lectures in point form and also other useful resource links for your research and study. Additionally if you are interested in gender and educational drama research, you can download my Masters of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy dissertations under the 'research' banner. There is also a gallery of student drama performances at ACU here in Queensland and this offers an exciting look at the many creative offerings in our drama department.

I hope the site offers you a comprehensive overview of the units you may study here with me on campus as well as other enriching information. I with you every luck with your present and future studies.





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