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This site is designed to introduce tertiary students to the disciplines of Drama, Theatre Studies, and Performance Studies. It can be used as a guide to studying Drama at Australian Catholic University.

Students will be introduced to important ways of thinking about drama, theatre, and performance studies. In this way the site can be used as an extension of the work that is able to be conducted in a typical Drama subject. The main purpose of this site is to help students to become critically reflective learners.

The study of Drama is an immensely satisfying and stimulating form of learning. Because such study involves group activities that are enjoyable and social, students sometimes enrol in courses believing it is a less demanding subject than others offered at university. Such students quickly discover that it is full of fun BUT that it is also a form of study that is intellectually challenging and personally demanding on a range of different levels. To help students negotiate some of the intellectual and practical challenges they will encounter while studying drama, this site contains strategies and resources to help you develop the skills you need to become a confident and independent learner in this field. In effect, the information provided here will help you to learn how to learn in Drama.

The information on this site is laid out as answers to questions that are central to the study of Drama. By exploring these questions and the answers provided, you will discover relationships between a network of ideas and strategies that will influence your approach to the discipline. This site will offer advice on how you write essays and it will help you to understand what is available to learn during various classes. You will also find useful advice about how to devise your own performances. Your lecturers in Drama are happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to your studies or in relation to the information provided here and welcome more questions and answers that can be added to the site for other students in the future. For further information about this resource contact Dr Delyse Ryan.


The creation of this site was made possible by funding from an Australian Catholic University Teaching Development Grant. Special thanks must go to the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Gabrielle McMullen; the Dean of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor Gail Crossley; and the Head of the School of Arts and Sciences, Dr Lindsay Farrell, for all of their help and support.

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This website was created by Delyse Ryan and Gillian Kehoul.

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