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This website was created by Delyse Ryan and Gillian Kehoul.

Dr Delyse Ryan

Delyse Ryan is a Senior Lecturer in Drama at the Brisbane campus of Australian Catholic University. She is a theatre historian with an active research interest in the history of theatre in Brisbane. She is currently researching the ways that students think they learn through practical drama performance. She is also working collaboratively with a colleague from the University of Queensland on a project about performativity and parades in Australian culture. In the practical context, Delyse has had extensive experience directing plays for the theatre. She is the artistic director of The Groundlings theatre group which specialises in performing Shakespearean plays in pubs.


Gillian Kehoul

Gillian Kehoul was the research assistant on the "Learning to Learn in Drama" project. She is in the final stages of her PhD at the University of Queensland and her research focuses on ethical considerations within performance training and practice. Her thesis, Passion, Performance and Practical Wisdom, explores the relevance of contemporary Virtue Theory for studies of performance and closely examines the role of understanding in performance practice and analysis. Gillian is a graduate of the Drama program at Australian Catholic University and won University Medals for her outstanding Undergraduate and Honours level work.


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