Dr. Gerard HALL, Head of School of Theology

McAuley Campus


Educational Qualifications:

PhD (Highest Honours and Distinction): Catholic University of America, 1994; Dissertation Title: Raimon Panikkar's Hermeneutics of Religious Pluralism.

Masters Studies in Theology, Religion & Culture: Catholic University of America 1982-83; MA Research Paper: The Category of 'Memory' in the Political Theology of Johan Baptist Metz.

Marist Studies, Rome, 1984; Research Publication: Society of Mary: Community of Memory and Hope (Sydney: Marist Fathers, 1984).

Undergraduate Studies in Philosophy & Theology: Catholic Theological Union (Sydney).

Undergraduate Studies in English Literature: Macquarie University.


Educational & Pastoral Positions:

Lecturer (Co-ordinator) Systematic Theology, Sydney College of Divinity (Catholic Theological Union & Columban Mission Institute), 1991-98

Lecturer (Co-ordinator) Certificate in Religious Education, Aquinas Academy, Sydney, 1998.

Lecturer, Christology, Mt. St. Mary Campus, Australian Catholic University, 1993-96; Kairos Institute, 1994-96.

Lecturer (Co-ordinator), Department of Religion & Religious Education, Catholic University of America, 1988-1990.

Dean of Studies and Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Holy Spirit Seminary, Bomana, Papua New Guinea, 1986-87.

Chaplain: St. Vincent’s College, Potts Point; Loreto College Normanhurst.

Secondary School Teacher & Boarding Master, St John's College, Woodlawn & Holy Spirit College, Bellambi.


Recent Research Interests, Presentations & Publications:

'Interreligious Perspectives on Incarnation', The Australasian Catholic Record lxxvi: 4 (October 1999).

'Jesus: Hope for the World', Living in Hope (Melbourne: HarperCollins Religious, 1999).

'What is the human spiritual impulse? How is this reflected in major world religions, both eastern and western', Spirituality for our Times, St. James Spirituality Centre, Sydney, 14th Oct. 1998.

'Changing Perspectives on Mary: Mary as Person and Symbol', Marian Conference: Mary for the Third Millennium, St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill, 28th Sept. 1998.

'The Holy Spirit in Raimon Panikkar's Cosmotheandric Universe', The Australian Catholic Theological Association, St Mary's College, University of Melbourne, 6 June1998.


Other Internet Articles and Resources:

Brokenness: Human life and human mystery

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Judith Wright (1915-2000): Australian Poet & Prophet , originally published in National Outlook (November 2000)

Intercultural and Interreligious Hermeneutics: Raimon Panikkar. Theology@McAuley, Vol 1 (Feb 2002)

Jacques Dupuis’ Christian Theology of Relgious Pluralism. Theology@McAuley, Vol 2 (Aug 2002)

Catholic Church Teaching on its Relationship to Other Religions since Vatican II. Australian Ejournal of Theology, Vol 1 (Aug 2003)

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