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Mason, Michael C,  2014  'Don't shoot!  I'm only the messenger!" : reminiscences from fifty years  of pastoral research'. Address delivered at the Conference on Beliefs and Practices of Australian Catholics, ACBC Pastoral Research Office, Melbourne, February 19-21.

 Mason, Michael C,  2011  'Reconceptualising religion in response to sociological confusion and denominational decline'.  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of  the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion and Religious Research Association, Milwaukee, USA, October.

Mason, Michael C,  2003, Response to lecture by Cardinal Walter Kasper on The Future of Christianity: a meditation on the Church and Contemporary Pluralism in the Post Modern Era.  Sydney,  July.

Mason, Michael C.  2003.  'The future of Catholic health care',  Conference  of Catholic Health Australia.  Hobart, June.

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Mason,  Michael C. with Denis Fennessy. 2001. 'Leadership Style and Vitality in Local Churches',  in The End of Religion? Religion in an Age of Globalisation , edited by Carole  M. Cusack and Peter Oldmeadow, Sydney Studies in Religion 4.  Sydney:  University of Sydney.

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