Submission Criteria

Criteria for Refereed Submissions

Carpe Diem has an international and national target audience and as such is written and published for these readers in the business and informatics academic and business environments. To this end criteria for refereed submissions require standardization and applicability for the target audiences. Please note that these criteria are comparable to any other refereed publication.

The criteria are as follows:

General Guidelines
Submission Methods
Originality is Imperitive
Manuscripts Submission Considerations
Technical Requirements
Biographical Information

General Guidelines

All submissions should be sent to the editor and the E-mail address for submissions is:

Please ensure that the following information is provided:

  • The Business and Informatics discipline that your work represents
  • The title of your submission
  • The name of the Author
  • The names of Co-authors if applicable
  • Your country of residence
  • The academic institution that you are affiliated with
  • Your telephone and facsimile number
  • E-mail address
  • The specific author to whom all correspondence should be addressed
  • All papers must be in English

Carpe Diem only recognises the following academic works:

  • Exceptional standard assignment output.
  • Original pieces of research (i.e. work not previously published)
  • Reviews of current theory, methods, policies, publications or practices in the disciplines of Business and
  • Informatics as mentioned previously.
  • Precision, clarity and economy should be utilised.
  • The use of the active voice should be made whenever appropriate.
  • The use of British spelling is important i.e. honour NOT honor

Submission Methods

Emailed filed submissions.

Attach all the files relevant to the submission on one single email.

No handwritten work will be accepted

Originality is Imperative

A submission that has already been published in another journal or is already being considered by another journal will not be accepted.

The presentation of work at a conference or research seminar which has been subject to revision and extensions will be considered for publication.

Manuscripts Submission Considerations

All work is acknowledged upon receipt.

Prompt refereeing is strived for.

The refereeing or review of work will occur by at least 2 anonymous experts.

All copyright of articles published in Carpe Diem continue to belong to the author(s).

The editor will inform the author of the decision regarding the publication of any piece of work submitted.

The editorial decision could take one of the following forms:

  • Accepted with no further revisions.
  • Revise and resubmit the manuscript.
  • Your submission is rejected.

Referees anonymous responses will be forwarded to the author(s) with the editors' decision as listed above.

Abstracts: 80 to 150 words would be required

Keywords / Key Phrases: three to five would be required

Technical Requirements

The manuscripts must not exceed 5000 words, this includes endnotes and the bibliography. Those manuscripts that exceed the word limit may require revision into a two-part article.

The manuscripts must be language edited prior to submission.

The formatting should be kept simple.

The submission should be in MS Word.

Please do not compress files: no ZIP or other similar files will be accepted.

Electronic Requirements

  • Artwork submitted as TIF, JPEG or GIF files
  • Location of artwork to be indicated in the text
  • Charts and tables features of MSWord can be used.


References appearing in the text must also appear in the reference list

References must be unnumbered and appear in alphabetical order by author

Authors are responsible for ensuring that all references are accurate.

The Harvard method of referencing is to be used.

The following provides some basic referencing examples:

Scarborough, N.M. and Zimmer, T.W. 1993. Effective small business management. New York: Macmillan College Publishing Company.

Open. 1985. The effects of long-range planning on small business performance: a further examination. Journal of Small Business Management 38(4):42-53.

Pearly, Y. 2002. An examination of the utilization of intervention research within the qualitative case study research design. In: Proceedings of the 4th New England International Conference on Intervention Research, June 2001. Boston: Stratford Haven: 31-57.

Web-based documents
Harrison, A., Hooligan, Z. and Whitfield, J. 1999. Writing a software program for the elderly to improve financial literacy via the web. [Online]. Available WWW: (Accessed 21 March 2004)

Biographical Information

Author(s) biographical information is to be included at the end of the reference listing. This information should take the form of a succinct paragraph and include information such as the academic institution that the author(s) are affiliated with, their current academic enrollment, their academic interests and any other publications of note.

Contact information

Should you require any additional information regarding the preparation and submission of a manuscript for publication in Carpe Diem, please contact the editor.

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